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The Langtang National Park in Nepal attracts around 18,000 annual visitors, bringing international visitors to the High Himalaya of Nepal, but also contributing to a large amount of plastic waste from water bottles and soft drink bottles. PSD Nepal (Partnership for Sustainable Development, an organisation that aims to facilitate social transformation, development, and empowerment, by providing consultancy for executing, monitoring, and evaluating development projects, has an ongoing plastic waste management project in Langtang National Park. Since 2017, their project encourages trekking and tourism in the region whilst limiting the environmental damage by clearing and recycling 40,000 PET bottles a month,...

Ennovent has recently partnered with Plasticpreneur, an Austrian business that develops and provides affordable, small-scale plastic recycling solutions and combines them with social entrepreneurship skills. With its mobile CE-certified machines, Plasticpreneur enables grassroots access to turn plastic waste into new opportunities to create innovative recycled products and set up new, income-generating projects and social businesses worldwide. Through its work, Plasticpreneur aims to empower communities and foster a rapid transition towards a circular economy.  With the dual aim of tackling plastic pollution and unemployment, Plasticpreneur produces a series of innovative machines, including extruders, granulators, and injection machines, that support plastic recycling until...


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