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About Us

We are a business venture catalyst for low-income markets in developing countries globally


The vision that guides our work

Sustainable development in low-income markets in developing countries can provide powerful business opportunities, but current mainstream market solutions are often neither profitable nor sustainable.

Our vision is lasting sustainability in low-income markets of developing countries.

Since 2008, Ennovent has catalysed over 250 ventures in 35 countries through 75 projects.


Five core values that define our work

Ennovent is guided by a set of core values which are central to how we engage with our partners, operate as a team and aspire to achieve our vision.

  • Impact before profit

    Our aspiration to create a sustainable future for all will not be sacrificed for short-term financial gains

  • Go beyond

    We deliver high-quality results to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients and partners

  • Drive innovation

    We are entrepreneurial, continuously learning and iterating to foster a culture of innovation

  • Work together

    We recognise that our services are best delivered through trusted and collaborative partnerships

  • Passionate team

    Encouraged by trust and ownership, our enthusiastic team is committed to doing their best


A business, units and a network to effectively take innovative businesses to low-income markets globally

Ennovent employs a unique organisational structure that combines the advantages of a business, units and a network. This structure is designed to operate globally and deliver value to our partners.


A for-profit model ensures long-term financial viability and independence


An intrapreneurial setup enables agile collaboration across business units


A cohort of committed supporters provides specialised resources globally


Meet our diverse team of passionate individuals

Our team consists of project managers, business analysts and experts in the areas of innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship. With a strong commitment to catalysing businesses with sustainable solutions, our team has successfully steered projects across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

  • Gabish Joshi
    Country Director - Ennovent Nepal
  • Jaya Srinivasan
    Sr. Manager - Projects
  • Karan Chandran
    Global Director - Strategy
  • Kulbir Singh Lamba
    Director - Business Development
  • Peter Scheuch
    Managing Director
  • Suman Biswas
    Manager - Operations
  • Yamini Sharma
    Sr. Manager - Finance
  • Chandrakant Komaragiri
  • Nikolaus Hutter
  • Phuntsho Namgay
  • Vipul Kumar
  • Aditya Tejas
    Expert - Startup
  • Andrea Wiltberger
    Expert - Sustainability
  • Anton Gigov
    Expert - Finance
  • Aman Khanna
    Expert - Business
  • Aravind Mokkapati
    Expert - Legal
  • Brooke Barker
    Expert - Strategy
  • Johannes Schmidl
    Expert - Energy
  • Sola Sandra Mugwanga
    Expert - Business


Committed network offering diverse resources

The global network includes individuals and organisations collaborating to create a sustainable impact in low-income markets. Our network members are located in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, and can be categorised into three distinct types.



Diverse investors who finance early-stage business innovations for sustainability



Subject matter experts who can solve specific challenges and mentor businesses



Vendors who offer essential business services across various functions


Know more about our journey

Established in 2008, Ennovent began with a simple mission – to improve the lives of people living in low-income markets. Our role then focused on structuring investments into early-stage enterprises that served these communities. Today, the vision remains the same but our mission has expanded. We now catalyse innovative business ventures to create economic, social and environmental sustainability in developing countries.

December 2023
As vendor to Tetratech, on behalf of USAID, agreed to support an Indian fisheries startup with its market entry into Nepal.
January 2023
CitiesRISE renews its strategic partnership with Ennovent to support the management of its operations in India.
December 2022
Ennovent partnered with Aquamarine to catalyse investable businesses with solutions for the Mediterranean blue economy.
October 2022
Worked with Hakuhodo, on behalf of JICA, to catalyse venture partnerships between Japanese corporations and Indian startups.
July 2022
Together with Plasticpreneur and PSD Nepal, operationalised two upcycling facilities in Kathmandu and Langtang National Park, Nepal.
March 2022
Partnered with Austrian circular economy startup Plasticpreneur to catalyse its recycling business operations in Asia.
October 2021
Matanataki partners with NZAID and WWF to create a community driven business case for sustainable fisheries management in Fiji.
June 2021
Ennovent is the India management partner for Healthy Cities for Adolescents program, supported by Fondation Botnar & ISUH.
March 2021
UN Global Fund For Coral Reefs selects two projects from Matanataki's pipeline as pilot investments for its Fiji Joint program.
January 2021
Matanataki partners with BNCFF to deploy funding for technical assitance of blue businesses in Fiji's Great Sea Reef landscape.
December 2020
Ennovent’s Impact Investment Holding makes a follow-on investment in Hasiru Dala Innovations.
November 2020
Pacific RISE enables investment readiness work to support the buy out of Waste Recyclers Fiji, a Matanataki pipeline business
September 2020
Matanataki partners with Terra Merita to establish sustainable & ethical agri supply chains from Fiji and Ghana to international markets.
July 2020
DOT Glasses enlists Ennovent support to to jointly provide affordable eyecare beyond the last mile in India and Nepal.
March 2020
Launch of Veolia's POPUP India 2.0 to catalyse ventures from the biomass-to-energy sector in India
December 2019
Ennovent renews its partnership with WWF Landscape Finance Lab to catalyse business ventures in priority landscapes
August 2019
Partnership with SEED to run their Accelerator and Replicator programs to promote social entrepreneurship in India
July 2019
Ennovent established joint venture Matanataki to drive investments into green and blue businesses in Fiji's Great Sea Reef landscape.
June 2019
Ennovent partners with Matanataki to drive investments into green and blue businesses in Fiji's Great Sea Reef landscape
April 2019
Ennovent enlists a board of advisors to guide its operations in India, Nepal and Bhutan
December 2018
Ennovent and Trail Angels, along with local partners, undertake design of a snow leopard trail in Nepal
October 2018
Formal agreement with citiesRISE to anchor a project to transform the state of mental health policy and practice in Chennai
September 2018
Ennovent completes study on the funding landscape of the sustainable livelihoods sector in India
April 2018
Ennovent partners with Trail Angels and Austrian Development Agency to launch Fair Trail Himalayas in Nepal
January 2018
Ennovent Bhutan partners with Helvetas to provide students in Technical Training Institutes with catalysation services
January 2018
Ennovent’s Impact Investment Holding (IIH) made a follow-on investment in ERC Eye Care
December 2017
Ennovent launched the IHUWASH Accelerator to identify, support enterprises in the WASH sector
December 2017
Ennovent Nepal signs contract with Oxfam in Nepal on Fecal Sludge Management
August 2017
Ennovent partners with WWF to spin-off the Landscape Finance Lab as an independent financial viable business
April 2017
Ennovent Nepal Private Limited registered in Nepal
March 2017
Ennovent invests in Hasiru Dala Innovations, working to create sustainable livelihoods for waste workers
November 2016
NIUA and Ennovent initiate the ‘Innovation Hub for Urban WASH Solutions’ supported by USAID
June 2016
Ennovent joins hands with Kairos to enable the market expansion of Sunlight modular lighting solutions in India and Africa
November 2015
Ennovent launches its operation in Nepal and Bhutan and hires its first local team members
August 2015
Ennovent undertakes an extensive survey of the social enterprise landscape in India for British Council
June 2015
An investment in Karma Healthcare is the ninth investment facilitated by the Ennovent Circle
March 2015
Ennovent's Impact Investment Holding and Upaya Social ventures invest in Anant Learning & Development
August 2014
Three Circle members invest in clean energy access company, Boond
June 2014
Ennovent's Impact Investment Holding and other Circle members invest in Sudiksha Knowledge Solutions
December 2013
Ennovent's Impact Investment Holding makes an investment into ERC Eye Care
March 2013
Launch of Ennovent's Startup Services to help clients develop and refine their business models
August 2012
Ennovent Circle facilitates an investment into Drishti Eye Care via Lok Capital
May 2012
Launch of the global WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge
April 2012
Launch of the Ennovent Circle, an exclusive group collaborating to create an impact in India
December 2011
Ennovent India Advisors Private limited registered as a legal entity in India
May 2011
Ennovent's Impact Investment Holding makes its first investment in Barefoot Power
September 2009
First Discover Challenge, Global Energy Challenge, launched
September 2008
Ennovent GmbH registered on 19 September in Austria


Working with entrepreneurs, corporates, funders and NGOs

United by mutual goals, Ennovent partners with leading organisations globally to drive sustainability and catalyse business ventures in low-income markets.

Join us and build a meaningful career

Dear Friends,


Thank you for your interest in Ennovent! We closed down Ennovent’s operations at the end of March 2024.


We had been deliberating about continuing our work in the changing overall market and impact space during the last year. The decision to close came after careful consideration of major policy shifts, changing funding priorities and market challenges that have significantly affected our business model.


Reflecting on our journey since 2008, we are filled with great pride in the legacy Ennovent leaves behind. We have been a catalyst for more than 250 ventures across 40 countries through our involvement in 90 projects. Our mission has always been to promote businesses with sustainable solutions for low-income markets, a goal that we pursued with unwavering commitment. As we move forward, our team members remain dedicated to pursuing lasting sustainable impact through their future endeavours.


We deeply appreciate your support and patronage over the years.


Warm regards,
Team Ennovent