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We manage venture projects that catalyse innovative businesses with sustainable solutions for unexplored low-income markets


Sustainable development in low-income markets creates business opportunities

People living in low-income markets experience challenges when buying and selling goods and basic services that are critical for sustainable development. This offers significant opportunities to make a sustainable impact while generating fair profits. Businesses can unlock these opportunities, but operating in these markets can be complex, costly and risky.



6 billion people with limited access to basic goods and services



1 planet threatened by environmental degradation and climate change



US$ 12 trillion global market with people earning less than US$ 5 a day


Venture projects to catalyse businesses globally

Ennovent provides critical resources to venture projects that are jointly managed with entrepreneurs, corporates, funders and NGOs to successfully catalyse businesses. Each project is customised to solve the complex challenges faced by a specific business. We work as a venture partner, utilising a proven, efficient and partly virtual approach to business catalysation.


Catalysation process from idea to scale

Venture projects provide tailored support to catalyse businesses from idea to scale, while meeting the specific objectives of our partners and creating a sustainable impact. The key stages of catalysation are:


Develop business models for business ventures


Analyse the feasibility of innovative business models


Test and validate business model assumptions


Operationalise and refine business models


Enhance the conditions required for scaling


Critical resources for successful projects

We bring four critical resources to venture projects that complement the contributions of our partners and ensure successful catalysation of business ventures.

Startup Expertise

Tailored startup expertise from idea stage to scalability

Local Capacity

Implementation support from Ennovent’s local team

Global Network

Diverse network of Investors, Specialists & Vendors

Funding Access

Grants, equity or debt funding access from our network


We partner with organisations from all sectors

Public Sector

Governments, Development Agencies, Academic Institutions

Private Sector

Startups, Social Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Companies, MNCs

Third Sector

NGOs, Foundations, Charities, Advocacy Groups


Venture partnerships to share risks and returns

Our unique, long-term partnerships offer entrepreneurs, corporates, funders and NGOs light-to-deep engagement options tailored to their specific objectives.


Key perspectives from our experience

Critical insights from our experience of catalysing business ventures with sustainable solutions for low-income markets have been synthesised into a series of position papers available for download below.

Frugal Innovation: Accessing New Business Opportunities in Low-income Markets

Startup Governance: Promoting Effective Governance Amongst Social Enterprises

Venture Partnerships: Catalysing Sustainable Business Ventures in Low-Income Markets

Private Sector Collaboration: Enablling Collaboration Between Corporations and Startups


Higher impact and profits for all partners

The success of venture partnerships is measured by the valuable and lasting benefits we create for our partners, society and the planet.

Fair Profits

Increase revenues, reduce costs and ensure fair profits

Sustainable Impact

Optimise social, economic and environmental impact

We ensure that catalysed businesses promote a fair distribution of economic value between all stakeholders, from people living on a low income to venture partners. These ventures also strive to improve cultural, biodiversity and climate impacts.




Ventures Catalysed


Countries Impacted

Jointly develop and manage projects with us


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