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Ennovent strives to catalyse impactful business ventures in priority landscapes across Asia. This blog outlines some theoretical context and practical approaches underpinning this work. We spotlight our collaboration with our colleagues at the Landscape Finance Lab, whom we assist as business advisors, to bridge the gap between conservation practitioners and the private sector to deliver impacts on the Sustainable Development Goals. Defining Landscapes The WWF defines a landscape as a large-scale socio-ecological system that consists of natural and/or human-modified ecosystems, which are influenced by distinct ecological, historical, economic and socio-cultural processes and activities. If you've been following our journey, you may recollect...

In 2018, Ennovent conducted a funding landscape study of the sustainable livelihoods sector in India. Sustainable livelihoods efforts in India comprise a vast set of interventions, cutting across diverse communities, objectives and impact strategies. The sector encompasses agricultural and related activities, handicrafts, tourism, skill development, entrepreneurship and innovation, among others. Developed in partnership with the Asia Venture Philanthropy Network, the report is targeted towards enabling more impactful support by providing recommendations on how impact investors can help overcome sector-specific challenges. The study maps the existing state of funding for livelihood projects and programs across India by looking at organisations such...


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