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About This Project

Ennovent, through Matanataki, is partnered with The Fertile Factory & Co (‘TFFC’) – a spin off venture founded by Waste Clear Fiji that aims to eliminate the import and use of all synthetic fertilisers in Fiji, and to lead the shift towards regenerative agriculture in the Pacific.


Matanataki is engaged in an ongoing investment readiness process with TFFC and is also a prospective equity investor to the business. As its business partner, Matanataki is actively supporting the TFFC management with its fundraising, business planning and pilot preparation efforts.


Through this support, TFFC will be able to present its business to the Global Fund for Coral Reefs for investment and if successful, raise the funding necessary to effectively pilot its non-synthetic fertilisers and compost products in the Fijian market.


Read more about the project in the reference document, here.


UN Capital Development Fund





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