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About This Project

Ennovent, through a pilot program designed for SIDBI’s Samridhi Fund, provided capacity-building assistance to Kanungo Institute Of Diabetes Speciality (KIDS), a multi-speciality diabetes hospital that provides affordable diabetes care to the low-income communities.


A diagnosis was conducted to identify capacity building needs, and a marketing consultant was engaged to help KIDS adapt their brand strategy to upgrade to a multi-speciality hospital. An IT expert also brought on-board to help KIDS address challenges related to its hospital information management system by shortlisting the right system.


Ennovent by providing access to experts enabled KIDS to develop a brand strategy to position itself as a multi-speciality hospital and shortlist four IT tools for its hospital information management system.






Dear Friends,


Thank you for your interest in Ennovent! We closed down Ennovent’s operations at the end of March 2024.


We had been deliberating about continuing our work in the changing overall market and impact space during the last year. The decision to close came after careful consideration of major policy shifts, changing funding priorities and market challenges that have significantly affected our business model.


Reflecting on our journey since 2008, we are filled with great pride in the legacy Ennovent leaves behind. We have been a catalyst for more than 250 ventures across 40 countries through our involvement in 90 projects. Our mission has always been to promote businesses with sustainable solutions for low-income markets, a goal that we pursued with unwavering commitment. As we move forward, our team members remain dedicated to pursuing lasting sustainable impact through their future endeavours.


We deeply appreciate your support and patronage over the years.


Warm regards,
Team Ennovent