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About This Project

Ennovent through the Impact Investment Holding, invested in Hasiru Dala Innovations (‘HDI’) – who offer waste management services for events, municipalities and office buildings, together with waste-to-value facilities. Besides making waste management eco friendly, HDI works towards improving wastepickers’ livelihoods and working conditions.


The follow-on investment in HDI aims to support the company to tide through the global pandemic, and grow its total waste management business in the residential sector. The support will help the business accelerate the growth of their plastic aggregation work by diversifying the number of plastic waste streams processed.


Since 2015, Hasiru Dala has managed over 1345 tonnes of waste each week, while cumulatively co-processing 822 tonnes of plastic and recycling 433 tons of PET plastic waste. It has created predictable livelihoods for over 300 wastepickers and 23 wastepicker entrepreneurs.




Scheuch Family Trust

Hasiru Dala, Sanitation, Waste Pickers


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