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About This Project

Ennovent, through Matanataki, has recently partnered with the Global Fund for Coral Reefs’ joint Fiji programme, which aims to leverage US$50m in investment capital by 2030 to mobilise commercial investments and promote the financial sustainability of coral reef conservation and reef-positive livelihoods.


Principal transactions of the programme will involve Matanataki preparing two businesses for pilot investments in this first funding round and supporting the establishment of a locally managed Technical Incubation Facility to incubate a pipeline of reef-positive business models.


The two ventures being prepared for investment include a large-scale sanitary landfill and transfer stations, and a fertiliser company that diverts green and other organic waste from dumping grounds and creates non-synthetic fertiliser blends. Four additional deals are also being sourced for the Technical Incubation Facility.


Read more about the project in the reference document, here.


UN Capital Development Fund





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