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Venture Partnerships: Our Solution to Catalysing Sustainable Business Ventures in Low-Income Markets

In our latest position paper, we present Ennovent’s venture partnership model after a critical analysis of the existing support models available for entrepreneurs to create a sustainable impact in low-income markets. 

Entrepreneurs often require support to ideate, pilot, launch, and scale their business ventures. Incubators, accelerators, and advisory services are among the most frequently encountered models offering the expertise, networks, and resources to a business venture. However, while working with ventures that create a sustainable impact in low-income markets, the support offered by the existing services can often be restrictive. 

Over the last decade, with considerable experience in implementing such models of catalysation support, Ennovent has evolved its offerings to address the shortfalls they present. Through its unique approach, Ennovent structures long-term venture partnerships with business partners where we share risks and rewards to create fair profits and sustainable impact in low-income markets.

In our latest position paper, we offer our analysis of the limitations of existing models of support available to entrepreneurs. Their short length of engagement, standardised curriculum, and focus on revenue before impact limits their service value. However, Ennovent aims to address these limitations through its venture partnerships. Our venture partnerships are marked by:

  • Shared risks and rewards
  • Prioritising sustainable impact and fair profits
  • Involvement in seeking and offering ​​expertise, local capacity, global network and funding access
  • Thorough flexibility with partnerships ranging on the light to deep continuum

Read our position paper to learn more about how Ennovent’s venture partnerships evolve and adapt to ensure we keep an eye on the twin goals of sustainable impact and fair profits. We also present three case studies to emphasise the functioning and success of this model.

Download our latest position paper here >>

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