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Private Sector Collaboration in Low-Income Markets

In our latest position paper, we illustrate how Ennovent’s venture partnership model can enable impactful private-sector collaboration in low-income markets.

Low-income markets present lucrative opportunities for corporations and startups to create a sustainable impact and fair profits. Globally, 4.5 billion people live in these underserved markets with combined spending of $5 trillion (International Finance Corporation, 2014).

Corporations, while increasingly drawn to low-income markets, have often relied on conventional wisdom and business models to access these markets. Some of the predominant models currently employed include internal innovation, corporate incubators, and strategic investments. Despite the existence of these models, collaborations are often not seamlessly implemented due to a variety of factors including size dynamics, goals, resource constraints, and communication issues among others.

Ennovent uses venture projects to catalyse business ventures with sustainable solutions for low-income markets. Projects that enable collaboration between corporations and startups are one avenue to creating a fair profit and lasting sustainable impact beyond the last mile.

We play a guiding and catalytic role to help corporations and startups co-create, pilot, and launch their collaboration. The result is that the business partners can foster innovation that improves their competitiveness in low-income markets, whilst affecting lasting change.

Read our position paper to learn more about how our venture partnerships model can help corporations and startups reach a shared understanding of each other’s goals and seamlessly implement collaborative solutions.

Download our latest position paper here.

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