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Get to Know Kulbir Lamba – Director, Business Development, Ennovent

We are pleased to share that Kulbir Lamba joined Ennovent last month as the Director – Business Development. Kulbir will lead marketing, sales, and fundraising at Ennovent and represent us at key ecosystem events, meetings, and sessions. He will also contribute to the overall strategy and operational development of Ennovent. Kulbir discusses his new role and says, “The most exciting part of my role is that I get to engage with stakeholders whose sole motive is not just to earn a profit but also to create a lasting impact. I am keen to help them understand Ennovent’s offerings and explore synergies together. Also, through projects, learning about the Sustainable Development Goals and contributing to their achievement will be a great personal and professional learning.”

Over his career spanning over a decade, Kulbir has worked across the corporate and startup ecosystems. With a background in engineering and management, Kulbir has had a diverse work portfolio and has amassed experience in project management, business development, mentoring, and incubation. While talking about his career so far, Kulbir explains, “Over the years, I have been able to blend my engineering background with management education, and this helped me see things from a different perspective. I am currently pursuing a PhD exploring deep tech entrepreneurship, and this perspective also informs my research.”

Sharing his interesting perspective on leisure, he says, “I don’t believe in ‘free’ time. For me, interesting things become part of the main agenda, and ultimately no part of time is left free!”. He invests his time outside work in reading, cycling, running, and spending time with his two kids in Delhi. 

As the startup space grows globally, Kulbir intends to keep Ennovent on the centre stage. He says, “Now, everyone in society, including people and leadership, is getting more aware. Everyone wants to see visible and measurable impact. And Ennovent has done this for more than a decade. My job is to push this momentum further and strengthen Ennovent’s footprints in India and globally.” 

Kulbir understands Ennovent’s mission of sustainable development and fair profits and is working towards aligning the business development efforts where sustainability is the agenda for all stakeholders involved. He adds, “Currently, I am working towards onboarding new partners and will aim to take their business to a conclusive stage, where the impact and profit are visible and measurable.”

Write to Kulbir at to connect with him about new projects and ventures. 

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