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Gabish Joshi

Get to know Gabish Joshi, Country Director, Ennovent Nepal

Gabish Joshi recently joined Ennovent as the Country Director of Nepal. With a master’s degree in supply chain and logistics management and work experience in fair trade, Gabish wishes to focus on projects that aim to empower local communities. 

Gabish is from Kathmandu, Nepal and has gained work experience in Nepal and abroad. After several years of developing his career, with the aim of learning and gaining deeper perspectives, he went to Hong Kong to pursue his master’s. “My professional beginning at a fair-trade company led me to cultivate an in-depth understanding of how social enterprises can create a positive and lasting impact on an under-developed economy,” he says.

Gabish Joshi Gabish feels that Ennovent’s mission aligns well with his background and areas of interest. Being the official organiser of the Circular Economy Club for the Kathmandu chapter, Gabish aspires to play a critical role in facilitating innovative and impactful venture projects by leveraging his vast local and global connections. He is excited about the scope his role offers. “With my involvement in Ennovent, I aspire to build innovative and commercially viable businesses whose investments leave a positive impact on communities and to help generate sustainable employment opportunities and upgrade the living standards of my people,” he says.  

At the beginning of his career, Gabish worked closely with underprivileged craft producers and artisans. That experience helped him understand the challenges the community faced, socially, economically and environmentally. He says, “I want to bridge the gap and address the concerns that small and medium enterprises in my country are struggling to address.”

Having worked in Nepal, and outside, he understands various cultures and is exposed to different leadership and management styles. “As a global trade professional and social entrepreneur, I hope my extensive experience and regional network of like-minded business leaders and community advocates add value to my role at Ennovent”, he adds. 

Write to him at if you wish to connect with him about projects in Nepal.

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