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Chandrakanth Komaragiri has Transitioned Out of Ennovent

After ten years with Ennovent, Chandrakant Komaragiri has transitioned out of his role with us as ‘Country Director –India’ effective November 2023. Chandrakant has contributed immensely to Ennovent’s global success during his time with us. Starting as one of our first Associates, he has played an instrumental role in managing our India business unit and client projects and developing different growth avenues.

In this chat, Chandrakanth reflects on his 10-year journey with Ennovent. 

Tell us a few highlights of your decade with Ennovent. 

In the initial years of working with Ennovent, I was involved in scouting and being the first point of contact for several social entrepreneurs who were coming up at that time. As part of this work, I got the opportunity to listen to their stories and witness their evolution. The last ten years have been like a front-row seat to change happening, and it’s been a grateful and enriching experience. 

There have been many highlights and engaging and informative conversations with team members, partners and social entrepreneurs. I remember getting on a two-hour ferry ride to Majuli island to meet people resisting flash floods to grow and make a livelihood for themselves. I also fondly remember meeting self-help groups in Kenya that used solar power to save money and then used the money saved to build livelihoods around beekeeping, fish farms and others.

I feel humbled, privileged and thankful to Peter and Ennovent for their trust in me. I feel grateful for the opportunity to work and learn from some amazing people at Ennovent over the last ten years at Ennovent. 

How did Ennovent’s work evolve during your time here?

At the start of my career here, my touchpoint with the entrepreneurs we worked with was light. However, over time, Ennovent made a much more concentrated effort to design interventions to be more involved with innovators, social entrepreneurs and impact businesses. We evolved to be more focused and in-depth in our partnerships – this is how the venture partnership model was created. 

Ennovent is currently considering its role not just with partners but at an ecosystem level. We are attempting to understand how we fit into the broader picture. 

One of the things that has not changed is how Ennovent works. Our ability to work remotely and deliver value to our partners has remained consistent throughout our tenure. This is something Ennovent should be proud of. 

Where are you off to next, and how do you look forward to your future association with Ennovent?

Recently, I started working with United Way, Hyderabad. They work in four focus areas – education, livelihoods, healthcare and environment. My work will involve working on projects in these four areas. It will be a mixture of working with partners on the ground and sometimes working directly on these verticals. 

My involvement with Ennovent continues as I join their advisory board. I will guide senior management on their business and operational strategy and, when the opportunity arises, partner on a project. Personally, I look forward to keeping in touch with the team and alumni of partners I’ve worked with over the last decade.

For any information regarding the India business unit, please contact Peter Scheuch at

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