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Annual Highlights – Year 2022

We highlight some notable developments in 2022 with you in our annual highlights.

2022 saw a semblance of normalcy return as the world bounced back from COVID-19. At Ennovent, we observed the pandemic’s impact on our business portfolio as well as our own operations. Despite this, we remained focused on our mission of catalysing businesses with sustainable solutions in low-income markets with the support of our esteemed clients and partners. Last year, we evolved our venture partnership model and focused on defining the core values of a partnership to ensure its long-term sustainability. This renewed understanding and emphasis helped us hone our model to enable effective private-sector collaboration. We also deepened our work across healthcare, waste, and environment practice areas and reengaged several clients to implement venture projects in these sectors across Austria, Fiji, India and Nepal.

As 2023 is well underway, we’d like to take this opportunity to share some notable updates from Ennovent in 2022. Thank you for being associated with Ennovent.

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