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India is fast becoming an increasingly urbanized country. Currently estimated at 377 million, the country’s urban population is projected to rise to nearly 600 million by 2030. Such a dramatic rise implies a near proportional increase in pressure on the country’s resources, particularly its water and sanitation infrastructure. As is the case with many such social stresses, the burden for this pressure will be disproportionately borne by the poorer and more vulnerable sections of the population. The government, in recognition of the need for urgent redressal, launched the Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban in October 2014. The scheme objectives include the elimination of...

The North East of India, comprising eight adjoining states, has the presence of abundant natural resources in the form of fertile lands, vast forest cover and rich mineral deposits. However, the region’s vast potential has been underutilized for business, primarily in the agriculture and tourism sectors.  Also, the area faces multiple challenges like lack of infrastructure, poor connectivity, unemployment, ethnic conflict and insurgencies. There is a strategic advantage to these states in North East India. The region shares the border with Bhutan, Bangladesh, China and Myanmar which could be a potential trade and business opportunity. The Government’s 'Look East, Act East'...


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